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Our Curriculum

Landmark College offers a diverse selection of courses in anthropology, English, business, communications, humanities, philosophy, psychology, history, literature, math, science, foreign languages, theater, video, music, art, physical education, and other disciplines.

  • Courses are designed to integrate skills and strategy development.
  • Classes are small, ranging from eight to sixteen students.
  • Professors are accessible and highly supportive.
  • Students focus on understanding themselves as learners.
  • Students develop personal learning strategies.

For all entering students, the curriculum sequence begins with skills-development courses, designed to address the key areas of writing, reading, communication and study skills. Self-management, as well as the development of self-understanding and self-advocacy, are also important parts of this first-semester curriculum. Initial courses are offered at non-credit and credit levels. This allows students to be placed in classes where they are able to succeed, from the start. Due to our rigorous academic standards, more than 30% of incoming students begin in non-credit courses, with most moving into credit courses after one or two semesters.

In addition to direct, personalized assistance from classroom faculty, academic support is available for writing, reading, study skills, math, science, and coursework planning and completion. Students can come by for assistance on a drop-in or appointment basis at the Centers for Academic Support or Coaching Services. Students may also choose to attend one of our structured workshops.

Our programs are fully accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). We have a proven record of success in preparing Landmark College graduates to either complete their baccalaureate degrees here or to transfer into baccalaureate degree programs at colleges of their choice.

For more detailed information on our programs and degrees, as well as course information, policies, and procedures please see our Academic Catalog. To learn about the backgrounds and interests of our faculty, who are both experts in their field and in teaching students who learn differently, browse our Faculty & Staff Directory.

Next Steps

Students will be prepared to step into four-year college classrooms across the country if they choose our associate degree offerings, or to choose a career path or graduate school program after completing one of our baccalaureate degrees.

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